Hedonist Society: The Dr.

The Hedonist Society visits bars on a monthly basis and asks them to make some funky cocktails with our Genevers and Gins. This month we visited the Dr. in Rotterdam...

The Dr. is part of Barrelproof Company; a company that does barcatering, consultancy and work with distilleries. They also have a boutique liquor shop in Rotterdam Since 2006. 3 years ago they decided to open the bar to do the things they like with the drinks they love.  It had to be a Speak easy bar.  
We call us an alternative Dr.. We cure patients with medicine based on alcohol. Just like the normal Dr. you have to call and make an appointment and have you medicines."


What is the motto:
We serve medicines and elixirs for the sick and thirsty.

What is the crowd:
Mixed, in the beginning it was purely for the people we knew. Business relations, friends, other bartenders. Word of mouth is our preferred way of marketing. 
We don’t advertise at all. In 2012 we won a Venuez award for best bar, but not even a picture was allowed. From the last 6 months we allow a selected group of magazines to publicize some info.

What does it offer to an average hedonist?
We always make medicines that fit every type of patient and every illness and there is a cure for everybody. Monthly menus; we make sure in the 6-7 drinks we always have different spirits, so everybody can enjoy the different flavor profiles. We also make drinks off the menu.

Describe yourself with a few sentences: 
People person, hard working, passionate about the things I love

What is your favorite taste if you are on the other side of the bar:
floral and herbal

What is your most hedonistic habit?
Getting tattooed

What is your favorite place to chill?
Wherever I am on vacation.

Favorite food?
I love everything.  A nice burger. 

How do you use genever in cocktails?
A lot of bars go back the classical drinks, more and more, gin has been hype, but if you look historically genever was the main ingredient to use, in all the classical cocktail books genever is called Holland gin and that is actually genever. Especially for us we love to use genever, since we are so close to Schiedam. It's a local thing.