Hedonist Society - Cinco Lounge

Rui rocks Cinco Lounge

A little walk off the beaten path in Lisbon, in the area called "Bairro Alto", you can find a lovely bar called Cinco Lounge. It's situated in the middle of a residential area, and right across a bear bar. For the ones who like teddy bears, you know what I'm aiming at... ;-) 
I've been a couple of times in this bar, both visits with my Canadian friend Chuck who's opening a new bar in Fado District in Lisbon. Here we did a little cocktail competition on who makes the best cocktail. Rui has proven to be a good sport and let us in to do our little mini-competition. 
Later, we asked Rui to make an amazing cocktail with Sylvius Gin, and here you can see what he made of it.

Rui Barata
Rui followed his father's footsteps in the hospitality industry. His dad has his own place where Rui worked since he was able to carry a glass to the sink. Next to the 'technical' part of the job, his main pleasure is to please his guests, a true host. Apart from the fancy drinks he's making, he himself likes to enjoy a good cold beer and loves to eat anything made with cod, the Portuguese signature fish.

Gin Jungle
Here's what he made with Sylvius gin:
60 ml Sylvius Gin
40 ml oak smoked fresh lemon juice
30 ml homemade cucumber and lime soda
10 ml"jindungo" syrup
10 ml black cardamom syrup
- fresh mint
-A dash of fresh egg white

Pour all (but the soda) into an ice filled highball,
Finish with your home made soda,
Smoke with Hickory wood chips wood.


Whenever you're in Lisbon, I highly recommend a visit to Cinco Lounge! It wouldn't surprise me when it ends up in the top 50 best bars quite quickly, as this is an absolute gem in the city of lights. Open everyday from 21h00 onwards.