Hedonist Society: HPS

This month we visited HPS in Amsterdam, which is Hiding In Plain Sight. The owner Guillermo Gonzalez: "It’s just a bar. My wife and I started 3 years ago and we wanted to have a business together, and I do not really know what do so we opened a bar. We opened the bar based on the drinks we like and the things we like. So we always find people who like the same things we like so we just did it."

What is the motto: We are hiding in plain sight

What is the crowd:
Mixture, mostly late 20s, late 30s, professionals in whatever they do, a lot of creative advertisement guys, people that are interested in good food and drinks, there are 2 good restaurants around us, so they come here before or after dinner and enjoy a cocktail.

What does it offer to an average hedonist?
We are hedonists ourselves, we are lokes, scoundrels, we live every day of our life as it is the last day. People who have that lifestyle are also drawn to our bar.

Describe yourself with a few sentences:
The bar is filled with people who are mavericks, outsiders, a little bit weird, that’s the kind of people we’re drawn to, that’s the kind of people we are. We attract likeminded people.

What is your favorite taste, if you are on the other side of the bar:
I always order an Old Fashined with an American whisky, bourbon or rye.  

What is your most hedonistic habit? I don’t really know.  For some people this lifestyle is hedonistic on its own. We work late, we drink while we work; for me that’s just life.

What is your favorite place to chill? Home 

Favorite food?
Dulce de leche