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Sylvius Gin is made with excruciating eye for detail. The core is a London Dry Gin. This means a couple of things; no sugar, 1 time distilled and only natural flavourings are allowed. For this, we painstakingly peel tons of oranges ourselves in the distillery to ensure maximum freshness. Upon tasting you will find hints of anise, cinnamon on a sturdy basis of proper gin.

We have put a fair amount of botanicals in the distillate, more than other brands we have found out. The result is that our gin tastes different with various dilutions of tonic (or in cocktails).
So, when you've got your hands on a bottle try this:
Taste is neat; it will demonstrate a 'classic gin' flavour profile
Taste it 1 on 1 with water; the gin is much more sweet and anise dominates.
Taste it 1 on 4 with water: the gin now has the accent on orange and citrus.

Isn't that something to work with as a cocktailbartender?

Sylvius Gin, 45% alc. vol / 70cl

Guillermo Gonzalez is the owner of HPS Amsterdam, a cocktailbar 'hiding in plain sight'. He serves amazing drinks based on classic cocktail recipes and doesn't forget the contemporary ones. Here's his take on a Sylvius Gin cocktail...

The Ricky Martinez

45 ml Sylvius Gin
45 ml Carpano Antica Formula
20 ml Dry Curacao
20 ml lime juice
5 ml sugar syrup

Shake it and strain over ice in a highball. Top up with Club Soda.


Daniel is the bartender-owner of Behind Bars in Utrecht. He shakes up his gin classic style with the sophisticated Chartreuse and fresh pineapple notes finished off with a hint of fresh lemon.

Fix it Up

50ml Sylvius Gin
15ml Chartreuse Yellow
15ml Pineapple puree
15ml freshly squeezed lemon juice

Shake & strain in an ice filled coupe or vintage cocktail glass. Garnish with a pineapple wedge.


Chi-Ho Ta is bartender at Dr. in Rotterdam as well as Barrelproof Company. The Dr. is the ultimate secret bar in Rotterdam only to be visited after a phone consultation.
This is what Chi-ho's mixing up for us.

An Apple-day

45ml Sylvius Gin
15ml Ginger liqueur
20ml home made Jazz-apple & thyme syrup
20ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
6 drops cocktailbitters (eg. Angostura)

Shake & fine strain in a goblet. Garnish with apple slices and sprig thyme .