Boompjes Old Dutch is the original "oude Jenever" as we say in Holland.

We make this genever with 20% maltwine, the key ingredient to any genever. Any Old Jenever has to have a minimum of 15% and a maximum of 25% maltwine, aged or unaged. Ours is aged for 3 years and doesn't contain any coloring or artificial flavoring. Straight from the barrel and carefully blended with the freshest mandarin peels and juniper berries.

We make this maltwine ourselves in our distillery and it's 3 times distilled up to 70% alcohol, and aged for 3 years in American Oak barrels giving a little bit of that sweet vanilla notes.


Boompjes Old Dutch, 38% alc. vol 70cl


Guillermo Gonzalez is the owner of HPS Amsterdam, a cocktailbar 'hiding in plain sight'. He serves amazing drinks basic on classic cocktail recipes and doesn't forget the contemporary ones. Here's his take on a Boompjes Genever cocktail...

Twentieth Century Fox

Ingredients list:
30 ml Boompjes Genever
30 ml Apricot eau de vie
15 ml Mozart White chocolate liqueur
15 ml lemon juice
10 ml sugar syrup

Shake it and strain it into a coupe



Eldrigde Arah is the owner of Mystique bar and restaurant in Amsterdam. A cocktailbar with a restaurant on top. His style is based on the old dutch spice trading routes. See him mix with Genever like this:

Under the Apple Tree

30 ml Boompjes Old Dutch
15 ml Organic Apple Juice
10 ml Pommeau de Normandie
5 ml Perdo Ximenez Sherry

Stir; strain in a coupe and garnish with an apple fan



Chi-Ho Ta is bartender at Dr. in Rotterdam as well as Barrelproof Company. The Dr. is the ultimate secret bar in Rotterdam only to be visited after a phone consultation.
This is what Chi-ho's mixing up for us.

Season's Change

45 ml genever
10 ml de Kuyper sour rhubarb
20 ml Gieser-Wildeman Shrub
10 ml lemon juice
5 ml cinnamon syrup

Shaken and trained over big block of ice in a tumbler. Garnish with a slice of rhubarb and quarter of fig in a stick.