“Boompjes Maltwine Genever”, het kroonjuweel van onze jenever collectie.

De “Maltwine Genever” is gemaakt van 100% moutwijn, dat betekent dat er in deze jenever geen druppel graan-alcohol te vinden is; 

Om deze “Maltwine Genever” te maken fermenteren we rogge, mout en maïs. Vervolgens distilleren we deze 'mash' 3 keer. Vervolgens lageren we dit distillaat op Amerikaans Eiken voor zo'n 4 jaar. Dit wordt geblend met een esprit van mandarijn schillen en jeneverbes .

“Maltwine Genever” drink je in de mooiste cocktails zoals een Old Fashioned of Manhattan maar ook gewoon straight up!

Boompjes Maltwine Genever, 40% alc. vol 70cl

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Guillermo Gonzalez is the owner of HPS Amsterdam, a cocktailbar 'hiding in plain sight'. He serves amazing drinks basic on classic cocktail recipes and doesn't forget the contemporary ones. Here's his take on a Boompjes Genever cocktail...

Twentieth Century Fox

Ingredients list:
30 ml Boompjes Genever
30 ml Apricot eau de vie
15 ml Mozart White chocolate liqueur
15 ml lemon juice
10 ml sugar syrup

Shake it and strain it into a coupe



Eldrigde Arah is the owner of Mystique bar and restaurant in Amsterdam. A cocktailbar with a restaurant on top. His style is based on the old dutch spice trading routes. See him mix with Genever like this:

Under the Apple Tree

30 ml Boompjes Old Dutch
15 ml Organic Apple Juice
10 ml Pommeau de Normandie
5 ml Perdo Ximenez Sherry

Stir; strain in a coupe and garnish with an apple fan



Chi-Ho Ta is bartender at Dr. in Rotterdam as well as Barrelproof Company. The Dr. is the ultimate secret bar in Rotterdam only to be visited after a phone consultation.
This is what Chi-ho's mixing up for us.

Season's Change

45 ml genever
10 ml de Kuyper sour rhubarb
20 ml Gieser-Wildeman Shrub
10 ml lemon juice
5 ml cinnamon syrup

Shaken and trained over big block of ice in a tumbler. Garnish with a slice of rhubarb and quarter of fig in a stick.